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New Jersey Residents are in mixed review over the new legalization of Marijuana in the State, however there's a most sinister undertone to the whole movement that doesn't sit well with a lot of people who want legal Cannabis but won't compromise under these conditions.

Firstly, ,the common complaint might just be how the taxes for the Marijuana are going allocated to "educate" the police; all while adding "Magic Mushrooms" to the mix of possession up to an ounce as a fine similar to Marijuana.

However we are missing the key components to legalization and forgetting that just because something should fall into the terms of this legalization there are things we didn't want that are going to happen and things we wanted/expected to happened we found weren't even addressed yet.

Citizens are still scratching their heads over the laws and how cloudy they are as we have still no mention of someone concretely stating that criminal records are going to be expunged with the legalization of the plant, along with the inability of access to the industry is going to be an issue as there will be few permits requiring hundreds of thousands of non-refundable dollars just for a spot in line for a permit.

The more I look at the legalization in New Jersey, the more I wonder how much of this wasn't because law makers and politicians got a whiff of how many tax dollars Cannabis pulls in.  By the day I see how the medicinal side of Marijuana is being lost and how THC  is being marketed as the main ingredient in dispensary bud.

Vertical Integration has the cannabis industry by the nuggets and it's not letting go any time soon.  If you haven't looked into vertical integration then from a far you'd like the face topics vertical integration solves.  

1.  We legalize something that should have never been illegal to begin with

2. We create new jobs locally and strengthen the economy.

3. Control the quality of the product throughout the entire process

In reality by implementing Vertical Integration - instead of employing the people that risked their lives to sell on the black market, they've made it illegal to work at a dispensary with a criminal record... kicked out the small retailers by not letting them participate to begin with... and instead of allowing artisan growers to do the craft they love to push the industry to new heights vertical integration crushed the growers taking the time to grow quality product and instead pumping out quick grow but that doesn't have the same medicinal benefits the artisan growers produce.

In short, now that the masses got what they were asking for during this election doesn't mean they should stop the conversation about legalization.  If anything now if the time to push the conversation on how they are legalizing the plant and how New Jersey can keep from being the poster child of the worst legalized state in the U.S.

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