Saturday, February 1, 2020

~ The Cloudy Truth About The Vape Ban ~
"Cutting down the cloud of smoke behind the Vape Ban, who's making these moves and who's really getting hurt?"

POD's are on their way to being banned and the veil is quickly being lifted as to why this Vape Ban is happening so fast.  Our beloved President Trump said, we have to "save the children" and i couldn't start to begin to express how true that it... but the whole time he spoke about the "saving the children and families" President Trump said in the same breath "save the Industry"  He actually managed to even mention "saving" the industry more than children and family combined (6:5)  All the  ... so much so in fact  but what happened to all the people that actually got sick from all the cartridges, did we forget about them?  
President Trump's stance in the media this last week was vague and generalized like a child making up a bad lie when caught doing something he's not supposed to. 

Click here to Watch President Trumps address on the Vape Ban
Watch some video's of vape victims who were interviewed and their FULL unedited stories

After listening to the words of those that were sick from the cartridges and the un-cut versions of their stories (outside mainstream media) all of them were using dispensary sold marijuana cartridges... this is important due to the fact that it's part of the campaign toward regulating flavored e juices and get's glossed over constantly.  

With how organized this all felt between JUUL being tamed and sold to big tobacco @35% for 12.8 Billion, a surge of vitamin E in marijuana cartridges putting people in the hospital, and all the while cigarette sales are at an all time low; I wasn't surprised to hear at the 4 second mark president Trump emphasize how "some" people knew about the vaping regulations coming... Seem's JUUL was virtually the ONLY one to have their ducks in a row... Go figure...

It's no coincidence that JUUL, who had a virtual monopoly of the vape industry were the first to feel the beginning of the effects of the vape ban.  There were numerous cases of JUUL themselves going into schools advocating the safety of JUUL's health in comparison to Cigarettes.  Not only was this criminal JUUL seems too well put together to NOT have orchestrated such an obviously detrimental act.  Leads me to ask, how was it multiple children had to bring up JUUL's atrocities and not the teachers and adults in the auditorium of these assemblies?

Though JUUL was Co-Founded by Adam Bowen and James Monsees; The Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris Companies) acquired again a staggering 35% stake in JUUL Labs for $12.8 BILLION on December 20, 2018.  This is the day where everything changed in the Vape Industry and leads to where we are now.  JUUL who own's the majority of the industry were either too greedy or too short sighted to see that  making claims like they did would not have been caught and/or reprimanded.  Which leaves me asking, did they cause this vape ban intentionally?!

Before I go on, I have to say.. I'm a father of two amazing girls in their tweens, about to enter this world world of experimentation and finding themselves; and even hearing stories about their classmates being sent home for vaping in the bathrooms puts me up in arms as a parent before I remember I'm a manager of a vape shop... With a world of obstacles in front of my family and I; smoking and vaping are non-issues, as they know not to use or touch them.  This was nothing more than a simple talk about our actions and how they impact the people around us leading to reactions.  As a parents we continuously have to update those conversations to fit the age and obstacles our children are facing - the conversations about vaping/drugs/sex/smoking/drinking are all part of this long list of what we have to face as parents, just because things change around us doesn't mean we don't have to keep up.

As someone who is the FACE of a Smoke Shop, Vape Shop, CBD Shop, Kratom Shop, Hookah Shop and more; the store is filled with so much that carries a stigma yet we focus on education of our customers.  Our staff at Holy Smokes NJ have been carding our customers for a long time and even encourage our long standing customers to have it on them to prove their age if asked.  I also have seen children getting declined at our shop and then bragging they got it from somewhere else as they press the product onto the glass of our shop.  

As retailers we have to be held to a standard and regulate who can and can not sell tobacco products.  It's up to the adults to do the right thing here, and too many times I see retailers turn a blind eye.  To cut obvious ties between youth and tobacco, stop carrying tobacco where youth can purchase products!  Liquor is only in liquor stores, why not exclusively have tobacco in somewhere only a 21+ year old can shop.

With Education of our OWN children and a greed-less altruism of the retailers selling these products, the epidemic would be cut in half over night.  As someone who's used vapeing as a tool to become closer to his family physically without stinking up a room, or finding his health again through the lack of a once debilitating asthma.  Taking this away from the whole for the actions of the few just seems odd and unjust.  

In a dark time it's hard to imagine the light, but it's possible to see it if your open your eyes wide enough.  Thankfully, at the end of the day the all mighty dollar speak the loudest and the boom of the vaping industry has only just begun.  If only these rules and regulations made way for higher quality and controlled options I could say these obstacle were well worth overcoming.  In the mean time all of this has brought a lot of attention to vaping and here at Holy Smokes NJ, we've always been a source of information for our customers allowing our community to see through the facade.

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